As the next great leap in DNA testing, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) has rapidly accelerated medical research and discovery, providing more accurate targeting for oncologists with increasingly lower costs. Our new FDA-cleared assay gives physicians expanded insight and actionable, evidence-driven treatment options.

Endeavor provides clinically relevant results and concise reporting, with a molecular pathology directed assessment that integrates the combined molecular, clinical, and other precision diagnostic information to optimize treatment decisions. Endeavor includes coverage of the clinically relevant SNV’s, Indels, amplifications, and rearrangements for selection of targeted therapy, as well as MSI and TMB for the selection of immunotherapy.

Capture all the clinically relevant biomarkers in Advanced Solid Tumors by choosing one test – Endeavor – on the requisition. 500+ well characterized cancer genes are included within Endeavor, with full exon coverage for the provision of Tumor Mutation Burden (TMB).

Endeavor Full Gene List