PathGroup’s Hospital Services Model: Physician-Centered and Patient-Focused

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, it is increasingly important to provide healthcare services that improve the quality of patient care and reduce healthcare costs, all while enhancing physician and patient satisfaction.  Whether you are looking for professional pathology services for your facility, or are considering fully outsourcing your pathology lab, PathGroup may be the missing piece to your strategy.

PathGroup was started in 1965 as a hospital based pathology group, and has grown to be a leading provider of comprehensive pathology services.  We currently serve as the pathology provider for more than 70 hospitals and thousands of physician groups and surgery centers.

Why PathGroup?

  • Reduced Administrative Burden – PathGroup is the only pathology services company in the industry offering turn-key solutions for hospitals seeking pathologist coverage.
  • Continuum of Care for Patients — With a breadth of pathology services, PathGroup offers lab solutions for Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Molecular Diagnostics and Esoteric/Specialty Pathology services, eliminating the need to coordinate multiple reference labs, and enhancing the continuum of care for patients.
  • Expanded Expertise for Complex Cases—PathGroup’s more than 70 pathologists represent every pathology sub-specialty, providing additional consultation with no increased cost.  Our depth of expertise is a result of our pathologists acquiring subspecialty training and/or certification in all areas of pathology.
  • Enhanced Physician Satisfaction—PathGroup is majority-owned and operated by pathologists, resulting in a hospital services model that is physician-centric.
  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction—PathGroup leads the industry when it comes to turnaround time.  For most services, we provide diagnostic results the next day, which is unprecedented in the anatomic testing arena and is a key factor to enhanced patient satisfaction.
  • Improved Patient Outcomes – With access to PathGroup’s Molecular Diagnostics, we provide oncologists and hematologists with clinically-actionable diagnoses specific to the individual patient, saving precious time for patients with life-threatening illnesses, and improving patient outcomes that enhance the patient’s quality of life.
  • Robust Information Technology Services—With the creation of Accountable  Care Organizations (ACOs) and continued healthcare reform on the horizon, a robust IT partner is extremely important to the future success of healthcare organizations. PathGroup’s IT team has implemented over 425 EHR/EMR interfaces with healthcare partners, providing physicians with expedient electronic access to patient results.
  • Mirroring the Hospital’s Managed Care Contracts—With over 100 Managed Care contracts, our goal is to ensure that we are in-network with the same providers as your hospital system.
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)—PathGroup’s extensive and comprehensive QA/QC program ensures consistent quality throughout the organization. For hospital clients who decide to deploy PathGroup’s proprietary “PathSys LIS” system, PathGroup has the ability to implement an automated QA/QC audit and review process which features on-demand QA/QC reporting capabilities.

Strong partnerships are increasingly important to succeed in this era of healthcare reform. Learn more about how a pathology partnership with PathGroup could benefit your hospital or system.

For more information on how a PathGroup partnership can benefit you, contact:

Randy Sanderson, Vice President of Business Development
Phone: 615-221-4436


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